Core Business

A. LEASING OF POWER SYSTEM (Off grid & Standby)

- Power Generators
- Hybrid Power System (Energy Efficient)
- Solar Hybrid Power System (Renewable Energy)


- Generator Power System
- Hybrid Power System
- Solar Hybrid Power System
- Full Solar Power System


- Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
- Diesel refilling
- Emergency Breakdown Attendance
- Repair, Overhaul and Repowering Programme

About Dynasynergy Technology

Dynasynergy Technology Sdn. Bhd. (DYNASYNERGY) with a vision of being a premier and exemplary global company that provides quality engineering services. In relatively short period of time since it began operations, DynaSynergyTechnology Sdn. Bhd. have earned the trust of our customers through our high degree of professional competency, integrity and commitment to service excellence.

DYNASYNERGY is a company, which ventures into engineering services especially in the Energy, Telecommunications and Multimedia Industries. The Company specialises in the Power system solutions and including operation and maintenance work, High Energy Efficient (EE) Hybrid Power System as well as Renewable Energy (RE) Solar Hybrid or Full Solar Power System in Off-Grid sites. Most of our clients are major Telecommunication companies such as Maxis Mobile Berhad, Digi Telecomunications Berhad, Celcom (M) Bhd., U Mobile Sdn. Bhd., Sapura Group of Companies, Redtone International Berhad, Naza Communication Sdn. Bhd., OCK Group Berhad and some other Network Facility Provider (NFP) vendors.


DYNASYNERGY has supplied and installed more than 2000 Power System in Malaysia. Major Leasing and supply contracts are with major telecommunication companies. DYNASYNERGY has acquired valuable experiences in Remote Area and Islands Installations.

The operation is supported with the fleet of more than 700 units of Power Generators two(2) well equipped comprehensive workshops, several bases through out the country, fleet of service vehicle, tools and skilled technical team.

DYNASYNERGY is able to deploy power system in the shortest possible time to any location in Malaysia.

DYNASYNERGY is currently maintaining more than 500 installations of Power System in Malaysia under Annual Rental and Maintenance Contracts with major telecommunication companies like Maxis, Digi, Celcom and Sapura. Maintenance Programme Works include Servicing, Repairing, Overhauling and re-powering, Emergency Backup & Deployment and Diesel Fuel Refilling.

DYNASYNERGY has rolling out its Hybrid and Solar Hybrid Power System (EE and RE power systems) replacing the convention diesel power generator power system for Cost Effectiveness, Green Energy, Reliability and Sustainability.

DYNASYNERGY is also the full turnkey contractor for Maxis/Celcom/Digi's Solar/Hybrid Power Systems through out Malaysia and providing comprehensive maintenance contract.