DYNASYNERGY is providing a Comprehensive Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Program c/w refilling of diesel fuel for Power System fleet owned by DYNASYNERGY or others. DYNASYNERGY also offers scheduled engine Repowering and Overhauling program to the fleet owners. The other Power System accessories such as Alternator, Control Panel, Wiring Harness, engine attachment and accessories can be refurbished in-house by DYNASYNERGY as well.

Those programs are supported by DYNASYNERGY’s comprehensive facilities and skilled technical team in both East and West Malaysia.

DYNASYNERGY technical teams are well trained on logistic handling and able to support our clients especially in the rough terrain condition and island sites. DYNASYNERGY works with each of our clients to create a personalized service regimen that are efficient, cost effective, and designed specifically according to their applications, preferences and specific needs.

We go anywhere to support our valuable clients!