Leasing of Power System (Hybrid Power System)

DYNASYNERGY has embarked on Energy Efficient (EE) Power System to replace the conventional continuous run 24/7 power generators. The Hybrid Power System is able to reduce power generator operating time and fuel consumption in providing continuous power supply. The Hybrid Power system also increases the equipment life cycle, reduces maintenance cost and lessens the CO2 emission.

DYNASYNERGY is continuing the conversion program of continuous run genset into Hybrid Power system or Solar Hybrid Power System to reduce the cost of providing power supply in the telecommunication sectors.

Remote Monitoring System (RMS)

Our in-house developed Real time Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is an essential part to be deployed together with the power system to ensure that the power system is always in good operating conditions and effective reduce the unnecessary downtime at sites. All RMS data from the sites will be transmit back to our server and sending messages to our Field Support by using Twitter as well as SMS.

Real Time Display Panel of the Remote Monitoring System (RMS)